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Whale Sacs

Thought Space Whale Sacs

Thought Space Whale Sacs

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Thought Space Athletics is a family, we love to collaborate with our players and their family businesses. 

What is a Whale Sac?

"A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag that is designed to dry your wet/sweaty hands during activities and sports that require hand and finger grip. The tail will tie to your bag, belt loop, etc. for easy access. Grab a sac and roll it in your hands, between fingers, you also can rub onto your disc, equipment, etc. Filling: clay based stone/powder - non-rosin, cleaner than chalk. Comes in multiple fabrics/patterns."

Eco-Friendly Mindset

"Tina is ALL about the environment (who doesn't love nature) which translates into the business as well.  We are always working on making our product and packaging as eco-friendly as possible. There is always new research being conducted and we check that research often to make sure we are using the best resources possible."


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