• Stamp Size

    Artwork submitted must fit within a 5.5" circle (approx 14cm) along with a 0.6" circular hole in the middle (approx 1.5cm). The hole in the middle is due to the "sprue" in the mold and we cannot print over that section.

    Download our template below.

    Custom Stamp Template 
  • Vector Vs Raster

    All designs should be submitted in vector format. If not, there will be a setup fee to convert your design to vector. 

  • Fonts

    All fonts must be a minimum size of 10pt. We highly recommend avoiding thing ornate fonts like traditional script (Edwardian, etc.). Fonts must be converted to outlines to avoid conflicts.

  • Line Sizes & Black

    Please use a minimum line-weight of 1pt and a maximum line weight of 18pts. We also recommend ensuring you have a space of at least 2pts between lines.

    Large black areas can cause issues. See our template and ensure there is not a black area larger than "the skull of death" (0.25"x0.25").

    Custom Stamp Template 

Our Order Form

Click the link below to download our custom stamp order form to see which molds and plastics are available. Due to the nature of our releases, not all molds and plastics will be available at the same time. Our team will confirm options upon order.

Custom Orders must contain a minimum of 50 discs with no less than 5 of each mold/plastic type.


Order Questions