• Stamp Size

    Artwork submitted must fit within a 5.5" circle (approx 14cm) along with a 0.6" circular hole in the middle (approx 1.5cm). The hole in the middle is due to the "sprue" in the mold and we cannot print over that section.

  • Vector Vs Raster

    All designs should be submitted in vector format. If not, there is a setup fee to convert your design to vector.

  • Fonts

    All fonts must be a minimum size of 10pt. We highly recommend avoiding ornate fonts like traditional script (Edwardian, etc.). Fonts must be converted to outlines to avoid conflicts.

  • Line Sizes & Black Areas

    Please use a minimum line weight of 1pt and a maximum line weight of 18 pts. We also recommend ensuring you have a space of at least 2pts between lines. Large black areas can cause issues. See our template and ensure there is not a black area larger than "the skull of death (0.25" × 0.25").

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