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Limited Release Firm Pneuma - Alexis

Limited Release Firm Pneuma - Alexis

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Inspiring the next generation!

We had the pleasure of talking with our hometown middle school in Winthrop a few weeks ago. In addition to talking about TSA and Disc Golf, we also had the chance to speak about graphic design, as we learned some students would be taking Graphic Design courses at a local vocational school next year. 

We designed a contest in which the class would create their own stamp for a disc, and the winner would get their design stamped on some plastic for them to share with their family and friends. However, they didn't know that we would donate sales from a small run to help them continue their growth as part of their first paid project. 

We have stamped 30 of our new firm runs of Alter, Pneuma, and Muse, where a significant portion of the sales will be donated to Alexis. 

The Pneuma is our new beaded putter crafted through a collaborative effort between Thought Space Athletics and Thomas Gilbert. With flight numbers 2-3-0-0, the Pneuma boasts exceptional control and accuracy, making it the ideal choice for beginners and seasoned players. Its sleek design and comfortable grip ensure a smooth release, allowing for precise throws that effortlessly navigate the course. Prepare to elevate your game with the Pneuma!

Thomas on the Pneuma

"The Pneuma is a super comfortable putter in the hand that immediately gives me confidence on the putting green. It is a dead straight flyer with the slightest touch of fade at the end of the flight. With the grippy feel of the nerve plastic I know that I can trust it for a clean spinny release on my putts! The Pneuma also comes with a bold new stamp design that really embodies the meaning behind the disc. I can’t wait for everyone to try it out."

Flight numbers
2 | 3 | 0 | 0
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