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Thought Space Athletics

Prism Sublimated Hoodie

Prism Sublimated Hoodie

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The Prism hoodie was designed to strike the perfect balance between weight, warmth, elasticity, and vibrancy. Our hoodies are made to layer on top of Streetwear or Performance Apparel, and/or underneath outer layers, keeping the wearer warm without sacrificing mobility, and wasting no time with bulky or baggy fits. 

On a caddy, in the crowd, or on Athletes during a round, the Prism hoodie is a must for elevating your game.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Smooth Surface
  • Warm and Soft Microfleece
  • 2-Way Stretch
  • Anti Pill

 Our Prism hoodie has a generous but not baggy fit, so we recommend sizing down.

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