Aura Mantra

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The Mantra is Thought Space Athletics first fairway driver of our new disc line. With flight numbers of 9/5/-2/2, the average player will find it to be easily controllable with the ability to shape lines with it and get effortless distance. More advanced players will find the mantra to be a great hyzer flip disc or perfect for rollers.

Aura is defined as an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature or object and regarded as an essential part of the individual. Our Aura plastic allows us to give a premium hand feel with vibrant colors and swirls. 

Our Shaman stamp is designed to show one's connection with the universe and to connect well with our Auras plastics swirls. The stamp seems to be harnessing a glowing nature within its grasp. 


All Aura discs for this release on our site are 175g and shipped boxed.